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In an increasingly competitive market, logistics in storage and distribution has become a decisive factor for the success of companies. Nou Transport is not just a transportation company; it also specializes in warehousing and distribution, providing comprehensive and personalized services to its clients. Currently, the entity has a spacious storage area of 6,000 m2, distributed between the Lleida base and the Castellbisbal base.

Standards and key practices

Nou Transport, a leading company in the transportation and logistics sector, stands out for its innovative approach and commitment to excellence in warehouse management, offering comprehensive solutions to its clients. The entity complies with the highest industry standards and ranks among specialists in storage and distribution, basing its approach on the following key practices.



-Warehouse design and layout:

Nou Transport strategically designs its warehouses, optimizing space and workflows for efficient storage and distribution logistics.

-Product classification and location:

The company utilizes efficient classification and location systems to facilitate access and management of the entire inventory.

-Warehouse Management Technology (WMS):

Nou Transport implements state-of-the-art WMS to control and optimize all storage and distribution processes.



Security and efficiency are fundamental pillars in warehouse management. A secure working environment not only protects employees but also directly impacts the company’s productivity. Investing in safety measures involves lower operating costs and a better company image.

-Floor markings:

Floor markings are used to delineate areas, improve safety, and enhance efficiency in the movement of people and equipment in the goods warehouse.

-Handling equipment:

The company has modern and well-maintained handling equipment, ensuring safety and efficiency in goods storage.

-Security procedures:

Nou Transport implements strict security procedures to protect its employees and goods during the goods storage process.



Perishable goods are products with a short shelf life and are sensitive to environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and light. Their deterioration can be rapid, requiring specific management to ensure their quality and food safety.

-Inventory rotation:

The company applies the FIFO (First In, First Out) method for inventory rotation. This method ensures that the products that enter the warehouse first are the first to leave, guaranteeing that customers receive fresh products at all times.


Nou Transport offers complete traceability of perishable goods, from their origin to their final destination, allowing constant monitoring of the location and condition of your products.



At Nou Transport, the loading and unloading of goods become a fast, efficient, and safe process thanks to our modern facilities and highly qualified personnel.

-Loading and unloading docks:

Nou Transport has modern and efficient loading and unloading docks to streamline storage and distribution operations. In the Castellbisbal base, there are up to twelve loading docks, and in the Lleida base, four. All equipped with state-of-the-art technology to expedite distribution and storage operations and meet the specific needs of the region.

-Appointment management systems:

The company uses appointment management systems to optimize the reception and departure of goods from the warehouse.

-Qualified personnel:

Nou Transport has highly qualified personnel for the loading and unloading of goods, ensuring the safe and efficient handling of products in storage and distribution.


Warehousing and distribution services

Nou Transport offers a wide range of warehousing and distribution services, adapting to the specific needs of each client.

·Short and long-term storage

The company provides flexible storage solutions for different types of products and time requirements.


Nou Transport offers cross-docking storage and distribution services to optimize goods distribution.

·Picking and packing

The company accurately and efficiently performs picking and packing of orders in the storage and distribution process.

·National and international distribution

Nou Transport offers national and international warehousing and distribution services, ensuring timely delivery of goods.


What makes us unique

Nou Transport stands out in the field of warehousing and distribution for the following reasons:

Innovative approach

The company embraces technological innovation and continuous improvement of its processes to optimize merchandise management, improve efficiency and traceability, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

Commitment to quality

Nou Transport offers a high-quality service that ensures customer satisfaction at every stage of the process, from receiving the goods to their final delivery.

Experience and knowledge

The company has a highly experienced and professional team in the warehousing and distribution sector to guarantee quality service. We understand the specific needs of each sector and type of client, allowing us to offer customized solutions that meet each one’s needs.

Social responsibility

Nou Transport is committed to sustainability and environmental respect, implementing environmental sustainability policies to reduce the impact of our operations.


Nou Transport positions itself as a warehousing and distribution company that offers comprehensive and personalized solutions to its clients. Its innovative approach, commitment to quality, experience and knowledge, and social responsibility make it the best choice for companies seeking a reliable partner in the management of their supply chain, distribution, and storage.


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