“Upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all”


Together we advance toward excellence:
At our company, your freight is our priority. That’s why our team of 350 highly qualified professionals are in constant training, dedicated to guaranteeing that your goods are in the best possible hands. Trust us to provide you a secure and reliable service at all times.

Our drivers
All our drivers form part of Nou Transport’s professional staff, allowing us to thoroughly control the entire chain.
We are ambassadors of our clients’ brands. That’s why we take utmost care of the image shown and service provided at the loading and unloading point. Our clients’ customer or supplier sees our lorries (cleanliness, fleet renewal…) and interacts with our drivers (friendliness, availability, hygiene, smart appearance…).
Our office staff
Our office staff
A team committed to customised service, specialised by country, sector and transport type.
A team that manages incidents efficiently and comes to the best resolution in as little time as possible.
A contact person with a first and last name, with no departmental bureaucracy.

Join our team!

At Nou Transport we appreciate human talent. If you are a driver or if you want to join our team of offices or commercial service you can contact us through our form