Nou Transport has chosen to invest in Castellbisbal as the location to establish the central offices of its company. The inauguration took place on May 14, 2022, on Magnetisme Street.

The strategic location of the base provides a key advantage for the efficient flow of goods and improved connectivity, as it enables the streamlined movement of goods effectively, optimizing delivery processes, and reducing transportation costs. Being situated at a central point of trade routes and transportation networks, the base becomes a vital hub that effectively connects different areas, promoting a smooth and beneficial trade exchange for the entire community.

The incorporation of innovative and well-equipped offices, designed and distributed in a spacious area of 1,600 m2, not only offers an exceptional working environment but also significantly strengthens the coordination and management of operations, fostering effective communication and seamless collaboration among teams. Having these facilities ensures a smooth service for our clients, laying the foundation for exceptional business performance.

The base also features a warehouse spanning an area of 3,600 m2, equipped with advanced inventory tracking and handling technology that allows us to handle a variety of logistical operations, from storage to distribution.

Another impressive aspect of our new base is the spacious parking for 50 trucks, which stands as an essential solution for secure and organized fleet parking. Furthermore, the dedicated area for drivers reflects Nou Transport’s commitment to the well-being of its human team, offering modern and comfortable facilities where drivers can rest and relax during their routes.

With a strong vision for the future, at Nou Transport, we continue to move forward with ongoing expansion and a constant pursuit of opportunities for improvement in the industry.

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