At Nou Transport, we take pride not only in having a 100% owned fleet but also in our commitment to keeping it up-to-date with the latest advances in technology and safety. To achieve this, we undergo a constant renewal of our fleet every three years, enabling us to provide top-notch transportation services to our clients.

In line with this commitment, today, July 13, 2023, we announce a new expansion with the addition of trailers from the brand Lecitrailer. These new trailers complement the latest tractors acquired by the company, completing a modern and efficient fleet.

The Lecitrailer trailers selected for the expansion of our fleet are designed to offer a combination of load capacity, efficiency, and safety. They incorporate the latest technologies in design and construction, ensuring the reliable and secure transportation of our clients’ goods.

Increased Load Capacity: The new Lecitrailer trailers allow us to transport a greater volume of goods on each trip, translating into higher efficiency and profitability for our clients.

Optimized Efficiency: Their aerodynamic design and the use of lightweight materials contribute to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, allowing us to provide a more sustainable service.

Maximum Safety: Lecitrailer trailers feature the latest safety systems and driving assistance, ensuring safer transportation for both the cargo and the driver.

We chose Lecitrailer for its solid reputation in terms of quality, innovation, and sustainability. The brand is recognized for its commitment to excellence in designing and manufacturing trailers that meet a wide variety of transportation needs, from general cargo to specialized goods.

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