In recent years, at Nou Transport, environmental protection has become a priority. Aware of the environmental issues and the sector in which we operate, we have embraced sustainability as a central axis of our business strategy.

We are pleased to announce that, during 2023, we have achieved a significant reduction in our CO2 emissions, marking an important step towards a greener future for the transport sector.


Fewer emissions, greater efficiency

Compared to 2022, at Nou Transport we have managed to reduce our CO2 emissions by 12.59%, from 27,062.20 tons of CO2 equivalent annually to 23,653.63 tons of CO2 equivalent annually.

The incorporation of new-generation vehicles has been key to this achievement. These new models are characterized by greater energy efficiency, which translates into lower fuel consumption and, consequently, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The vehicles also feature advanced technologies that minimize the emission of pollutants such as harmful particles and nitrogen oxides.


Solar energy: An ally for sustainability

In addition to renewing our fleet, we have also committed to renewable energy as part of our environmental commitment.

At our bases in Barcelona, Vilamalla, and Lleida, we have installed a total of 274 solar panel modules, constantly generating clean energy, which has allowed us to reduce CO2 emissions. This past year, we have managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 100.8 tons and carbon emissions by 84.88 tons.

In Barcelona, we have an installation of 108 modules, which have allowed a saving of 42.37 t CO2 and 35.68 t of carbon.
In Vilamalla, we have 40 modules, resulting in a saving of 27.35 t CO2 and 23.03 t of carbon.
In Lleida, with 126 modules, we have managed to save 31.08 t CO2 and 26.17 t of carbon.

We are convinced that sustainability is a fundamental value for the future of transportation. Therefore, we will continue working to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to an even greener future.



At Nou Transport, we are also committed to building a more sustainable future in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy” and SDG 13 “Climate Action.”

Internally, we implement various measures to reduce our footprint:

  • Incorporation of new-generation vehicles with greater energy efficiency and lower pollutant emissions.
  • We bet on LED lighting, significantly reducing energy consumption in our facilities.
  • We implement water-saving practices.
  • We promote the reuse and recycling of materials, minimizing waste generation.

Externally, we actively collaborate with our clients and suppliers to reduce our joint environmental impact:

  • We offer more sustainable transport solutions, such as the use of biofuels.
  • We work with our suppliers to ensure they meet our strict environmental standards.

You can consult our certifications at the following link.

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by Oriol


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